Double L's Q & A

"How do you say, 'NO' ? Are you always running on 100%? I would get so tired!"
-Pam* 60,  Etobicoke, ON.

What a great question. Let me start by saying this is something I used to struggle with (big time)! I had to learn the art of saying 'no'. I used to feel guilty saying no to an on-camera opportunity, social events, any networking gig or even when saying no to a workout with a friend! Can you say FOMO? I learned in more recent years, that by going to everything, I was wearing myself down. Picking and choosing what I say yes to and what I say no to is the key.  You can ask yourself: Will this benefit my career? Will I really miss out from anything if I don't go to dinner with the girls tonight? Am I in desperate need of a nap- or can I squeeze in another workout? Listen to your body. Overdoing it will just lead to crash and burn. Prioritize what matters most to you and what will be most beneficial to you. And don't be afraid to take a mid-day nap! In my line of work, I'm up late at night reporting from sports events and typically work all weekend long. So I don't have to feel guilty taking a Monday off if I need to- or sneaking in a nap here and there. Oh yeah- and it's extra important to rest (on the couch or in an ice bath!) when training. Taking time to recover allows muscles to heal and grow. Listen- I know saying 'no' can be tough. But by saying 'yes' to everything, you are ultimately saying 'no' to something else. And by saying 'yes' to only the most important things, you are giving your body and mind enough rest to be 100% every time you are present. Hope this helps!


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Calories burned, Chocolate earned.

I love chocolate. But I love working out just as much as I love opening the gold paper on a 300g bar of Lindor Swiss Classic. ;) My passion lies in endurance sports and weight training. I love triathlons.  Even after about 45-50 of them,  each one I somehow grow to love the sport even more. After a successful 70.3 at the end of the 2015 season, I signed up for Ironman Lake Placid 2017. Qualifying for Kona, the world's most famous and original Ironman race, is the dream. I'm setting up this page to run (no pun intended) live updates through Instagram and Twitter. It's going to to track my runs, bikes, swims, chocolate consumption, the ups and downs and everything in between as I inch my way closer to crossing the finish line and becoming an Ironwoman! So stay tuned and follow my progress, cheer me on and maybe even get inspired to try-a-tri yourself!